Day 7: Tai-Chi, Bullet Train and a worn down hostel

We got up early in de morning, to visit the park of the Temple of Heaven again, so we can see the morning Tai Chi, and it was all worth it. It was early in the morning, but the park was full of people working out, doing all kinds of sports in groups or alone. While there were so many people, it was still very peaceful, so we ended up taking a nice walk at the park. Then we returned to the hostel, had breakfast, relaxed a bit and packed our things, and headed to the train station.

Getting through the first security check was a disaster, it was hot in the building, there was no air, everybody was sweating and pushing forward while there was no space, and overall it wasn’t a nice experience. The train ride was very pleasant, there was nice leg space and it was nice to observe China from the train window. The train was going with 305km/hour, and it took about 4hours for it to travel the 1200km to Xi’an.

Xi’an is different from Beijing, it is very lively from what we have seen so far. We got to our Hostel around 19.30, and then took a walk to the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower and through the Muslim street. It was packed with people, which made me feel uncomfortable, but it looked nice non the less.

Our hostel is pretty much disgusting, our room smells like an ashtray, we can’t close the window, the wall is coming off, there is a whole in the ceiling and it is dirty. On the other hand, it was super cheap, it was about 80yen/person/night, so we will survive the two nights we are going to spend here, I hope.

Tomorrow we are going on a whole day tour to see the terracotta warriors, and we are planning to do a bike tour on the city wall.

Eszti and Simon

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